Power Jack/ DC Jack Repair

If your laptop isn’t charging, essentially the most likely culprit is the electricity jack that connects the computer to the charger. The screen will sometimes flicker and you may have to adjust the adapter to obtain the cord to charge the actual battery properly! The icon that demonstrates the battery is asking for might show not charging even though the adapter is related!


When the power jack ceases to charge the battery, it should be fixed asap. Otherwise you won’t have the capacity to use your computer for lengthy! A power jack problem is a very common problem as the adapter is connected and unplugged more often than not in a laptops lifestyle.


We can replace power jacks and you can do this job inside fastest possible time! Bring your computer to your shop and let one among our experienced engineers test the functionality on the power jack to determine whether it needs to be replaced or if it could be repaired. Soon the engineer will reach a decision on whether or not to change the jack and also the computer will be back your hands ASAP!

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Dc Jack Repair

dcjack repair

Dc Jack Repair