Apple Repair



Your Macbook, Imac, Mac mini and Mac Pro repair in San diego. Got an Apple computer? We’ve got you covered!

What if we told you don’t need to buy an expensive new computer like the Apple store wants you to? What if we told you we can get your Apple computer repaired for a fraction of what the Apple store would charge you? We buy parts straight from the manufacturer in order to deliver you the most reliable and affordable repairs!

Did you turn your Mac on and all you got is a Question mark?
Don’t panic. We see this almost every day and rest assured, we can fix it for you! Whether it’s a hardware of a software issue, we’ll provide you with the best solution to repair it.

Macbook Motherboard repair:
Do you need your motherboard repaired? Don’t worry! It may cost you much less than you imagine!
We can definitely fix motherboards issues, which costs less than replacing it. Of course, in a worst-case scenario, we can always replace it with a brand new or refurbished one.

Liquid Spill:
When you spill something in your computer, it must be worked on before you can use it again, otherwise, the leftovers of the liquid or even the rust that will start mounting will ruin it inside.

Got a cracked screen? Or perhaps it’s dim or maybe the screen won’t work at all?
Laptop screens are very sensitive to shocks (when you accidentally drop your computer) and even dripping some water on it.
The good news is that we can fix it!

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