Mac Motherboard Repair

Mac Motherboard


What if we told you don’t need to buy an expensive new computer like the Apple store wants you to? What if we told you we can get your Apple computer repaired for a fraction of what the Apple store would charge you? We buy parts straight from the manufacturer in order to deliver you the most reliable and affordable repairs!

The motherboard is the most important part of the computer, it’s like its heart – and responsible for managing all the other members of the body.

Sometimes your computer is running unstable and you don’t know what is causing it. You may be having motherboard problems. Even if your computer is not working at all, it might still be a simple motherboard fix.

We can definitely can motherboards issues, which costs less than replacing it. Of course, in a worst-case scenario, we can always replace it with a brand new or refurbished one.

We do NOT perform any “quick-free-over-the-phone” diagnostics, because we see lots of clients coming to our shop with WRONG diagnostics. Please keep in mind: problems can be tricky to find! It requires time to fully test a computer, and it is not free. When you take your computer to a “quick-free” diagnostics store, they won’t spend their time disassembling and fully testing your computer because if you don’t accept the job, it will cost them. We have a policy of FREE DIAGNOSTICS WITH REPAIR, but in case we invest our time to fully diagnose your computer and you choose to fix it yourself with the information we’ll provide you, we will still be able to compensate the technician that worked on it.

Our goal is to take care of your computer as our own, and offer you the best service, best quality, and best turnaround you can find in San Diego.

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