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PC Repair

Computer service in San Diego with complete satisfaction at an easily affordable price is now a fact.

MAC Repair

What if we said that you don’t need to buy an expensive new computer like Apple wants you to and that we can fix it for a fraction of what they would charge you?

Wifi & Network Repair

  • Wifi coverage
  • Slow Network
  • Slow Wifi
  • Full Support
  • ATT/Time Warner/Cox Solutions

Blue Screen

The blue screen of death can be a serious issue. It indicates that the device isn’t working  properly and should be repaired.

Power DC Jack

If your laptop isn’t charging, essentially the most likely culprit is the power jack that connects the computer to the charger.

Liquid Spill

Accidents happen. Just a little bit of liquid spilled on your laptop’s keyboard can damage or destroy your machine or cause you to lose data. Act fast and call us at (619) 794-4774!

Laptop Repair

We’re ready to deal with whatever laptop issues you might have. We provide satisfactory computer repair in San Diego at an affordable price in the shortest time possible.

Desktop Repair

We’re here to service, repair and maintain your PC so you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars buying a new computer.

Virus Removal

Getting pop-ups or weird things appearing on your screen? There’s a chance that your computer is infected with a virus.

Broken Screen

Got a cracked screen? Or perhaps it’s dim or maybe the screen won’t work at all? The good news is that we can fix it!

OS Upgrades

Be up to date with the latest OS releases to keep your computer safe, stable and free of bugs.

Mac Motherboard Repair

Do you need your motherboard repaired? Don’t worry! It may cost you much less than you imagine!

Mac Kernel Panic

If this is happening to your Mac, you know very well how annoying it could be to have its version of the “blue screen of death”.

Data Recovery

Don’t give up on your documents, reports, pictures or videos, just because your hard drive decided to fail on you.

Computer Upgrades

Upgrades can make your computer run like new and save you money. They can get faster and more efficient than you imagine!

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This place saved me. My macbook pro was dropped in water and wasn't turning on.

Yes, I had to pay at the start and it was in essence a gamble wether or not they could fix it. But it was worth the gamble. They fixed it and my spouse and I didn’t loose any information, or my computer. They also did it in a very timely manor. This place had saved my husband's laptop and computer after they crashed twice.
Tawnie M. – San Diego
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I needed to have the keyboard replaced on my computer that belongs to work and so I chose a professional take care from it for me.

They were the only ones out of a dozen that I knew (including Apple Retailer tech) who knew that the MacBook Pro was introduced with several designs, and in fact mine was not the actual uni-body design. For me, that meant that instead of paying a minimum of $600 to replace the entire top case, I could spend $200 to replace the keyboard unit itself, including the part, labor, cleaning and overhaul of the machine.

The Apple Store quote for this was 6 hours of labor, and I got mine back in 4 hours for a third of the price.

I will give praise and recommend their business. I would say take your machine to them and don't waste your efforts on the rest!
Sara K. – Kearny Mesa
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I first found them in 2008 and I’m still with them, that should tell you how much I trust them with my laptops (we have 5 in the house). They’re prompt, ethical and their prices are great. I wouldn’t trust my electronics to anyone else.
Pete R.
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Great service from Rod and his gang. Came in around the holidays and my MacBook was brought to the local not so genius bar. They sent it to their repair center opened the case and immediately said liquid damage had fried the logic board even though no liquids had been dropped on it recently. That was going to be a $400 repair to replace. Brought it to Rod who actually tested the board and saw that it was working fine and found out it was just they key board wearing out with a faulty power button. Very simple repair and was way less than replacing the logic board. Next time I’ll go here first for a Mac that's out of warranty.
Vivian C. – San Diego, CA
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